ATM & Debit Cards

Springfield State Bank offers an ATM at B & D Pit Stop, 14111 Platteview Rd., Springfield, NE. Withdrawals by Springfield State Bank customers are free at this location.

Debit Cards are available with all checking accounts. There is a foreign usage fee of $1.50.
The MasterCard™ Debit card can be used for withdrawals at ATMs or for purchases at merchants throughout the United States and most foreign countries. TheMasterCard™ Debit card can also be used for purchases via the Internet, i.e. airline tickets, eBay or other merchants.

During normal business hours contact Springfield State Bank at (402) 253-2222 to report a lost or stolen card.  After normal business hours contact CardSentry at (844) 202-5333, to report a lost or stolen card.

Customers may contact Springfield State Bank with questions about MasterCard™ Debit card transactions or charges.

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Bank Locations

Springfield State Bank

Springfield State Bank
600 Main St.
Springfield, NE 68059

ATM Location:

B & D Pit Stop
14111 Platteview Rd.
Springfield, NE 68059